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Amsterdam Author

C.M.Petersen a Dutch/Danish Debut author who lives and writes in Amsterdam.

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I Swear I'm Not Insane

A present-day tension-building thriller: a tale of friendship, crime, murder, mystery, misery, and more. Cut the suspense with a knife and find yourself lost in the road trip adventure of Mark and Stanley. Now Available (eBook and Paperback)

Mark and Stanley navigate the unknown, exploring their surroundings as well as their pasts. Mark’s desire to keep moving is as strong as Stanley’s determination to experience everything in his path, like a dog being taken for a walk by his owner. But who’s leading who?

This mismatched duo doesn't know where they're going, and they won't talk about where they've come from. But whatever path they take, one thing is certain: they'll leave a trail of destruction in their wake. However, all of this changes when they cross paths with a young girl. When she joins them on their road trip, Mark and Stanley are forced to face their traumatic pasts — and make hard decisions about their future.

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"A gripping tale of two unlikely friends who are on a road trip to Mexico and freedom. . As we accompany them on their journey, layer upon layer is skilfully peeled off we are told their life story and the reason for this desperate quest. I was really rooting for them and willing them on . You will have to read the book yourself to see what happens ! CM Petersen’ s debut novel is certainly not run of the mill ! It is intriguing and thought provoking. Highly recommend!"


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